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Upromise is a Newton, Massachusetts-based company that provides a loyalty program of the same name, where members accrue credits on eligible purchases that are directed to a college savings plans or to pay down student loans. Upromise members accrue account credit on eligible purchases from grocery stores, online retailers, travel, and restaurants. Members can direct their earnings into a high-yie


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"Poor Senior Management, Poor communication from Sallie Mae, Poor communication within Sallie Mae, Poor technical direction from Sallie Mae, Lots of departures due to poor management"

Marketing Director says

"Management and strong leadership is lacking. Upromise is still trying to find their place within the corporate Sallie Mae entity and has succumbed to a more corporate structure and processes. There are a lot of starts and stops on projects and shifting of priorities, resources and decisions from the management teams which slows down achievements and leaves the "workers" feeling unsatisfied and unaccomplished."

Former Employee - Interactive Designer says

"no one cares about the work. the creative director I worked under had horrible taste and was a bad leader"

Special Relationship Manager says

"There were not enough opportunities to raise up through the company ranks. Also the pay was poor to very poor. While the people were all good, hard working people, morale was low due to boring work and low pay."

Director of Backoffice says

"little or no plans for the future, marketing leadership virtually non-existent, absolute lack of support from Sallie Mae, Upromise's parent company."


"The acquisition by Sallie Mae changed the culture of the organization. There have been numerous layoffs over the years Mamy star employees have voluntarily moved on from the organization leaving chaos behind. The health care benefits are terrible."

Marketing Manager says

"The organization moves fairly slowly for relatively a small internet company, which can be extremely frustrating. Also, the company was recently acquired by Sallie Mae. Sallie Mae is cutting costs dramatically and the effects are being felt at Upromise in terms of eroding health and vacation benefits. These factors couple together to create a culture of negativity."


"Too corporate, managers who manage up not down, not much in the growth area, disorganized creative team, not enforcing one on one meetings with managers and their people."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Lost original mission after SallieMae takeover."

Former Employee - Senior Quality Assurance Engineer says

"No room for growth or promotion opportunties"

Processing Administrator/529 Representative (Former Employee) says

"This was a decent spot to work. Lots of young and fun people. Not sure why they had their layoffs when they did, but I was not happy to be laid off."

Operations and Development Representative (Former Employee) says

"This was one of the 1st companies I worked for to send jobs overseas and then layoff 2/3rd of the company. Difficult for me to be objective after that."


"Great people whom support you as a team member. Supervisor was also friendly and will and able to help and encourage asking questions to folks around you.Days were always filled with laughter in the call centerSometimes to busy to take a break"

Office Services/Administrative/Facilities (Former Employee) says

"Not a terrible company to work for. I enjoyed my fellow employees very much."

Financial advisor (Current Employee) says

"Financial advisor for current and upcoming college undergraduates, who seek access and ability to save funds for educational purposes. To provide customer satisfaction and to promote a unique financial experience."

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